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Diversity is our country's greatest asset, yet when not managed effectively is an even greater liability. Managing The Mosaic is committed to helping managers and employees understand the value of difference - not just in skills and expertise, but also in backgrounds, cultural experiences, perspectives' personality and heritage.

Learning how to take advantage of diversity enables managers to partner with employees to create a more effective and team-oriented work environment. This results in increased organizational competitiveness.

Our approach is based upon client needs and expectations. We begin with a clarification of client expectations and the rationale for diversity management within the organization.

We then recommend the following approach to ascertain diversity awareness, expectations, concerns and specific organizational issues relative to the diversity initiative.

  • Data Gathering - individual interviews, focus groups or employee surveys to determine specific diversity issues that may need to be addressed within the organization
  • Data Analysis and Program Design - programs are customized to meet individual client needs and diversity issues
  • Training programs are then developed for each management/employee group utilizing data analysis for customization of particular group needs

The objectives of Workforce Diversity are as follows:

  • Recognize demographic changes occurring throughout the American workforce and their impact on organizational viability
  • Explore and identify the business rational for diversity management
  • Explore the integration versus assimilation model of management
  • Recognize the critical nature of successfully managing a diverse workforce and customer base and the high cost of ineffective management
  • Identify differences of seemingly homogenous groups and the impact these differences play in interacting with team members
  • Understand the interpersonal dynamics that create problems at work for employees with differences
  • Improve listening and feedback skills with a diverse workforce
  • Examine individual values and the impact values play in workplace decisions and interactions
  • Learn team building skills to unite diverse team members to achieve organizational goals

Training programs are based on customized needs of client organization and range from half day to two day workshops.

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