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Managers and supervisors cannot do it all - the real leverage lies in the effectiveness of each team member. Teamwork is one of the strongest underlying themes contributing to the success of any organization. From the first moment a person checks on board for orientation, teamwork is hammered home yet how effective are your teams?

Our approach to assisting organizations in creating high performance teams is to ascertain team awareness, expectations, concerns and special organizational issues within the client organizations. We begin the teambuilding process as follows:

  • Data Gathering - through individual interviews, the use of focus groups and/or employee surveys to determine specific team issues that may need to be addressed
  • Data Analysis and Program Design - programs are customized to meet individual team needs with an action planning approach to solve team issues and promote team strengths

Outcomes of the customized Teambuilding approach:

  • Coordinate, clarify and focus team members' efforts without cutting into their creativity
  • Provide feedback that encourages, inspires and sparks results
  • Set goals and boundaries that can change and empower the team as it matures
  • Resolve common problems that can negatively affect team productivity
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions without risking common team goals and vision
  • Communicate your team success, goals and achievements to upper management
  • Facilitate and accelerate group decision making and problem solving

Outstanding organizations owe much of their success to teamwork. However, groups that have not gone through teambuilding usually perform their assigned tasks poorly. When there are divisive forces, loyalty is low; when group members have poor interactive skills, they produce poor results. Every good team has a mix of strengths and weaknesses, skills and interests. Let us help you identify your team's successful mix of these critical team factors.

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