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Over the past few years numerous best sellers have been written on communication differences between the sexes (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Communicating 9 - 5, Hardball for Women, Gender Speak to name a few).

Miscommunications between genders can cause stress, strain relationships, generate mistrust, affect job performance, and in some cases, result in lawsuits. Some sources consider it the number one reason problems exist in the workplace. It's not a matter of expecting people to communicate exactly the same, but one of understanding the difference in gender-specific communication styles.

Participants completing the gender communications workshop will be able to:

  • Acknowledge differences between men's and women's communication styles
  • Understand the gender-specific motivations behind communication
  • Adapt their communication style to create successful communications
  • Reduce gender-related conflicts
  • Improve working relationships

In addition to gender communication workshops, Managing The Mosaic offers a survey and data gathering process to determine specific gender related issues your organization may need to address.

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