MANAGING THE MOSAIC™ "Tapping the Potential of Today's Workforce" Specialists in Human Resource Consulting

Teams can provide individuals with a supportive environment to express controversial ideas, resolve conflicts and receive/offer assistance. However, when you have a group of people with different strengths, ideas and experiences, you will have conflict. An effective team openly and quickly confronts personality conflicts, feelings of frustration, anger, arguments and controversy.

Benefits to the individual of dealing with conflict constructively are:

  • Stronger work relationships
  • Increased self-respect
  • Personal development and growth

Benefits to the organization of dealing with conflict constructively:

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increase creative thinking
  • Develop synergy/or teamwork

Managing The Mosaic provides on site training for work teams to assist them in using their creative energy to focus on working together to create a workplace that allows differences to be expressed in a positive, constructive way.

Customized workshops are based on client need and range from one-half day to a full day.

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