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The prospect of being a coach in addition to the myriad of other managerial duties can be overwhelming. However, if you are in a leadership position and people are looking to you for direction, you are already a coach.

The Practical Coach workshops offered by Managing The Mosaic understands that you are busy and your time is precious. Our workshops introduce you to a quick and practical way of coaching.

Coaching boils down to three things that each team member needs from you as a coach on a day to day basis.

These three things are:

  1. Team members need to be inspired
  2. Team members need to be encouraged
  3. Team members need to be challenged

Participants who have successfully completed the Practical Coach workshop will be able to:

  • Identify and coach team members according to their personality type
  • Articulate a vision for their team
  • Understand and regularly use the "Take 10 Check-In"
  • Reward individual team members according to what they need
  • Accept that mistakes and failures are important to the growth and success of the team
  • Offer team members constructive feedback "on the fly"
  • Evaluate and act on the reasons behind any team member's poor performance
  • Recognize and manage "side tracks" during interactions with team members
  • Define and put into practice the "The Two Minute Challenge"
  • Record and track coaching activities for each team member

Workshops are customized to address specific coaching concerns that surface with organizational teams or individuals.

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