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Managing the Mosaic

Managing The Mosaic

Addressing Workforce Diversity and Managing Institutional Change in Health Care

by Trisha A. Svehla and Glen C. Crosier

“Svehla and Crosier have penned a book that is keenly sensitive to the realities of the health care sector. It provides a comprehensive, health care-specific framework for addressing diversity. The book is ambitious and timely, and should be valuable to the health care professional.”

From the foreword by R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.,
The American Institute for Managing Diversity

Managing The Mosaic presents the health care community with new techniques for managing a workforce that is becoming increasingly more ethnically and culturally diverse. This groundbreaking book also provides strategies that health care institutions can implement to maintain an adequate supply of skilled workers as the makeup of the labor force changes.

Strategies for managing employee diversity

This book introduces the concept of workforce diversity and discusses the obstacles preventing institutions from utilizing fully the talents of all workers. Step-by-step tools for assessing the environment and developing diversity management plans are provided. Managing The Mosaic includes:

  • strategies to get top-level performance from culturally and ethnically diverse health care teams
  • quality management strategies that will help health care institutions achieve long-term success in managing a diverse workforce
  • an extensive resource list of books, videos, diversity tools, newsletters, articles, consultants, and service providers
  • models for surveys, focus groups, and training sessions

Practical help for managers

  • Outlines for one-day and five-day training programs in diversity management skills
  • Sample spreadsheets for measuring progress in diversity management
  • Model survey forms for internal and external culture and value analyses
  • Model formats and questions for internal and external culture and value analysis focus groups

Recruitment, retention, and training tips

Managing The Mosaic presents strategies to address how managers recruit staff, retain employees, and provide training to maintain an adequate supply of skilled workers. The book also discusses issues related to volunteers and nontraditional sources of labor, such as minority youth and older workers. Guidance is provided for training specific employees to actively advocate and facilitate the diversity management plan.

Examine successful approaches

Case studies throughout the book reveal the successful approaches taken by leading health care institutions for challenging management assumptions, developing action plans, recognizing and rewarding staff, and measuring and monitoring progress toward valuing a diverse workforce.


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