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Coca-Cola, Texaco, Mitsubishi, Lucky Supermarket, Albertson's, State Farm, AT&T, Denny's— a group of very diverse organizations all with one thing in common. Each of these organizations have faced major lawsuits over the past few years due to perceptions of discrimination. Is it possible that your organization will be next?

Take a minute and do a quick internal analysis of the state of affairs between groups within your organization.

Symptoms of Diversity-related Problems: Internal Checklist

Check any of the following situations you notice and/or are experiencing in your organization:

    Lack of a diverse staff at all levels in the organization.

    Complaints about staff speaking other languages on the job.

    Resistance to working with or making negative comments about another group (ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical ability).

    Difficulty in communicating due to limited or heavily accented English.

    Ethnic, racial, or gender slurs or jokes.

    EEOC suits or complaints about discrimination in promotions, pay and performance reviews.

    Lack of social interaction between members of diverse groups.

    Increase in grievances of members of non-mainstream groups.

    Difficulty in recruiting and retaining members of different groups.

    Open conflict between groups or between individuals from different groups.

    Mistakes and productivity problems due to employees not understanding directions.

    Perceptions that individuals are not valued for their unique contributions.

    Ostracism of individuals who are different from the norm.

    Barriers in promotion for diverse employees.

    Frustrations and irritations resulting from cultural differences.

If your organization is experiencing any of the above symptoms, let Managing The Mosaic lead you through the minefield of diversity issues.

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