MANAGING THE MOSAIC™ "Tapping the Potential of Today's Workforce" Specialists in Human Resource Consulting

Below are a sampling of anonymous comments from workshop participants completed at the end of all workshops offered.

—As a senior manager in the telecommunications industry, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous consulting organizations. The Teambuilding process used by Managing The Mosaic™ in our Teambuilding efforts was the most comprehensive and useful I have experienced to date.

Managing The Mosaic™ delivered exciting and fun diversity programs for all levels of management and employees within our financial institution. Trisha provided a learning experience in an effective guilt-free atmosphere without browbeating tactics. Management and employees learned how to manage people differences for a more positive experience at work and at home.

—The handouts provided by Managing The Mosaic™ are one of the best resource tools I have seen as a management person. It pulls together everything you have learned in different seminars into one place—excellent!

—Very energetic and interesting to listen to; pulled a lot from personal life experiences and was quite enjoyable to spend the day with.

—Felt the process of soliciting employee comments on issues within our company and then presenting those issues back to us as employees showed the company cared and wanted to improve things.

—Teambuilding process helped to surface key issues such as respect and dealing with conflicts that arise in the workplace in an effective way.

—Loved the diversity bingo game—it was a chance to interact and understand more about the backgrounds of each other as coworkers.

—Diversity workshop showed the need to appreciate diversity; explained the changing workplace demographics and why we need to approach people differently.

—The pre-workshop interviews were excellent in getting everyone's issues out on the table so they could be dealt with effectively.

—As a 20 plus year employee, I have attended a lot of workshops, this was the best workshop I have had the privilege to attend. Instructor was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, great sense of humor and seemed to understand the issues we face in our industry.

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